Technics C01 system on eBay, finish Sunday

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Technics C01 system on eBay, finish Sunday

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Hi everyone,

In 1980 I was living in Hong Kong and had a great time trolling the electronics hot-spots. I eventually decided on a Technics C01 'concise micro hifi' - it gave me about 30 years of great service but has been in (dry, safe) storage for about the last 10 years. Now we are downsizing and it's time to pass it on to someone who will appreciate it,

I believe I'm right in saying this fully working example of the hifi system that started the trend of high-end miniaturised hifi in Japan. Build quality is exceptional with each enclosure being die cast aluminium. The preamplifier has a MM/MC phono stage and 3 line inputs. The units have superficial marks (where the feet stack), the speakers have minor marks to the front grille and one has some scratches to the top (see picture on eBay - I'll post a link at the bottom).

The reason I want to reach out to this forum is because the items on the eBay listing are not all there is, but I'm not confident that eBay folks have the skills - the cassette tape deck (M02) and phono (SL10), the latter of which has very good reviews, are not working and I'm going to sell them separately, after the present auction ends, for repair or parts.

The cassette (M02) is probably just the rubber belts driving the capstans (but I can not be sure), The phono - I replaced the rubber belt driving the tone arm - but powering it up, there was a smell of electrical burning and the lights went out - I'm no engineer, but a chum of mine thinks the motor may have burnt out... no warranty on that - but if anybody knows how to fix it, someone here does. Additionally, I have sold the used cartridge (needle) on eBay - so it doesn't have one.

Here is the current eBay listing: I', only posting to UK addresses, sorry folks from further afield, but it's all packaged up in 3 tough cardboard boxes at about 30kg - yet I don't think it will go well overseas (I have had a very keen guy in Peru that I've sadly had to turn down).

I hope this meets with some interest, I've paid the fee savvypaul explained to me (thanks) and I hope it strikes some interest.

All best wishes,


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