Covid-10 Blues

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Covid-10 Blues

Unread post by terrybooth » Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:00 pm

All great events prompt minstrels to compose songs.

Here's mine (based roughtly on 'Heartbreak Hotel')

My garage's full of bog roll
My freezer's full of bread
But all of got is anadin
To stop me getting dead

I got the blues,
Yeah them Covid-19 blues

I gotta stay here with my wife
My son and his family too
Cos they decided to say with me
After a trip to the zoo

I got them blues,
Yeah them Covid-19 blues

My hands they gone wrinkly
Cos of all the the washing I do
I washed the car, I wash the door
I washed all of the house too

I got them blues,
Yeah them Covid-19 blues

and so on...
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