A visit from the new NVA amps?

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A visit from the new NVA amps?

Unread post by savvypaul » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:42 pm

I've been listening to the new MKIII power amps that Tomasz has made during his latest visit.

I would now like to get several of you to hear them, and get your feedback.

Because I want to get around a number of people, my plan is to visit with them, rather than send them out on loan.

I'll be bringing the new A60 stereo power amp and the new A70 mononblocks...with an upgraded P90SA, plus any cables that you want to hear.

I already have interest from Antonio66, Hemmo69 and ToonTrev. Please PM if you would be up for a listen...within 3 hours drive of Durham would be ideal, but if I get a lot of interest in the South then I can possibly combine visits (and call in to Southend to see a few old mates).

I'll also be up for hosting anyone who is going to be in the North East.

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