Any news on TIS / TSS cables

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Any news on TIS / TSS cables

Unread post by BadgerBeerIsBest » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:51 pm

I know there must be a lot to do and I for one am very grateful that you are there at all.
I started to replace my NVA cables with TIS cables and would like to carry on doing so.
There is no mention on the new price list or website or ' pre-order discount code post' about them.
Would you be willing to sell by the meter lengths of Mk 1 or Mk2 TIS cable that I could terminate myself.
This would generate immediate cashflow for you and keep clients like me happy to.
Kind regards
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Re: Any news on TIS / TSS cables

Unread post by savvypaul » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:05 pm

If there is sufficient interest then we will make them...

What do you need?
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