Ebay bargains

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Ebay bargains

Unread post by Dr Bunsen Honeydew » Tue Sep 11, 2018 11:43 am

Expensive month so doing a couple of small discounts to promote some sales. Cheaper stuff. P20 P50 A20 'cos I have some here built.

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Re: Ebay bargains

Unread post by Hannes-Gregor » Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:48 pm

I ordered one of the bargain Phono 1 at ebay for my daughter (You'll get a review for her P20/A20 and the Phono 1 together, I try to promise). Could you please do it in MM, 240V and Schuko plug? I already mentioned that as a comment while ordering, but here again, only to be safe. At the moment there is an ArtDjPre connected to her system, I still had from my times searching a suitable phono stage, but I'm sure, the Phono 1 will do a better job.

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