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Re: DIY thoughts of the day

Unread post by karatestu » Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:28 pm

Of course. I still have an idea about boring out the innards of a very large tree trunk with the chainsaw. Only thing is, boring out with the tip of the bar and chain is the most dangerous thing you can do. Kick back is a real danger doing that and could result in all sorts of blood spillage. All that would be needed is a flat piece of timber over the entry hole and a few holes for drivers. Very rusting but impoosible to mtch the two enclosures - no two bits of trunk are the same. But then i dont really believe in all that speaker building bollocks :lol: :lol: :lol: :guiness; :guiness; :guiness; :guiness; :guiness; .

Apart from that all i can think of is buying some shit speakers e.g harbeth, linn, yamaha ns1000 and filming myself destroying them with chainsaw, axe and sledge hammer. I have a youtube channel :dance: Then putting them on a bonfire :lol: Reminds me of a drum kit i used to have. I had the brilliant idea of chopping them in half so they were only 6" deep with one head. Then they would fit inside each other for easy transportation. Well, they all fit inside each other alright. But they sounded like shiiiite. Boooooiiiiiiiinggggg is an understatement. Ended up burning them on bonfire night.
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