truth lies and fraud

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Re: truth lies and fraud

Unread post by Stemcor1990 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:13 pm

Very interesting. I have heard some cds which sound excellent so why the need for hi-res audio ? If the recording and mastering processes are done properly then in my opinion there’s no need for anything beyond the red book spec. Sounds like more marketing nonsense.

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Re: truth lies and fraud

Unread post by kellerist » Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:22 pm

I bought recently a nas/streamer/dac combo to replace cd. I agree that a hi-res audio file probably means nothing. If the source is bad, than the hi-res file will be also bad. I'm copying my cds to the nas and buy on hdtracks only the music what I didn't had before. I'm able to hear a clear difference between the sq of the cds and the copied files, but for me there is no difference between a ripped cd and a hi-res file. At least the samples I bought was not able to show for my ears the difference in my system.
My dac is a 2qute. I read the statement of Rob Watts that for the 2qute there is no need for fancy usb cables and other psu than the supplied wall wart. I read different opinions about the cables, so I decided to try some usb cables myself. In my entry level system the difference between the cables was clear. I know, theoretically there should not be any difference, but there it is. Maybe it's not the signal but some noise, I don't care, I hear the difference. Of course I ordered next day the also unneccessary linear psu.
Imho listening to music is a very subjective experience. There are millions of equipments trying to reproduce music in billions of possible different setups. The same thing in a setup makes a difference, in a different setup maybe it really does nothing.

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