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Re: The Name and Shame Thread

Unread post by CN211276 » Thu May 03, 2018 6:34 am

CN211276 wrote:
Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:32 am
The piss stained blanket tops the list for his comments when I was banned from WasWam.

Most recently YWanker for acusing me of being a troll and Cartman for lying and misquoting me. Both PFM prior to my ban.

There are more as I am not liked by the slurpers and brainwashed. In the distant past Ivor T for comments he made about me in Popular HiFi. I consider that a badge of honour. :dance:
Cartman is the fruitcake. He has set up another forum after the last one lasted nine days.

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Re: The Name and Shame Thread

Unread post by applemarc » Thu May 03, 2018 7:57 am

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I had a very good Cary 306 SACD player that I liked Empourium Hi-Fi had a Cary 306 Pro so I traded mine in for the Pro version within 2 days it stopped working so sent it back they said the repair was straight forward just had to wait for the parts from Cary. Well it went on for some time when I got it back it stopped work again so I ask for mine one back only to find out they took the parts from mine to repair the newer one. So, could not get my one back and the new did not work. So eventually they got it working but I never felt happy with it and sold it.
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Re: The Name and Shame Thread

Unread post by savvypaul » Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:19 pm

Here's another example of the sort of 'no added value' seller that is common on ebay...

The seller is a small business (rather grandly) called 'Cheltenham HiFi' but their ebay username is 'psion101'. Their feedback is ok but most of their sales are replacement remote controls and cassette tapes.

I enquired about a vintage receiver that they have for sale. It's priced fairly strongly at £225 considering that you might expect to pay £30-£50 if you came across one on Gumtree or at a junk shop.

Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Hi. Is it 100% operational? Has it been serviced? Any warranty? Many thanks, Paul

Seller: Hi Paul, it sounds like you are looking for an as new item, with new item warranty. I suggest you look elsewhere, as vintage amps are unlikely to full fill your needs. yours sincerely Peter Davis

Me:Hi Peter. No, I assure you I am not. It's reasonably common for business sellers to offer a short warranty on used items. 2nd hand hifi, for example, who I have bought a few things from, offer a 3 month warranty on items over £100. Can you also answer my other questions, please? What work have you (or others) done on the item - cleaning, replacement parts? I'm a serious buyer and I'm trying to get a handle on whether you are a serious seller who adds value...or not. Sincerely, Paul

Seller: Hi Paul, I cannot tell you anything about it's history - there is no other warranty that that laid down by ebay, It is a vintage item and I know they can go wrong. kind regards Peter

So, he likely picked it up for £30 or so, gave it a dust and took some photographs, and then added a couple of hundred quid. Doesn't sound like he's even had the lid off. In fairness, he does accept returns (buyer pays postage), but that is all I can find to be positive about.
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Re: The Name and Shame Thread

Unread post by keepitsimplestupid » Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:43 pm

They're all at it, spit and a polish and a 1000% mark up. Say what you like about some manufacturers, at least they make stuff, these parasites add nothing.

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