Hi-Fi podcasts ?

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Hi-Fi podcasts ?

Unread post by tweet_my_ribbon » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:28 pm

I use itunes/internet to listen to a few podcasts. Plenty of music and spoken word podcasts out there so a search for 'hi-fi podcasts' was done. The only podcast about audio gear and hi-fi kit seems to be 'beginner audiophile', which started this year.

Am I missing something ? Millions of us with an interest in hi-fi systems, the equipment involved in building those audio rigs and only one podcast kicking about the world wide web for english speakers. (no pun)

There are podcasts by audio engineers and musicians, vinyl collectors, a digital only industry show but I really thought after all this time someone or a group would've had a long running podcast.

It's weird because hi-fi hasn't really interested me for years until an old hifi mag re-awakened my interest this summer.
(and a lack of hi-fi)

Where are all the hobbyist hi-fi podcasts hiding?

oh yes, an AV podcast from AVforums is awaiting download. hmm.

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