first "punk" music/track

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Re: first "punk" music/track

Unread post by Fretless » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:02 pm

.. and what about Husker Du ????? :o
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Re: first "punk" music/track

Unread post by Bourneendboy » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:39 pm

Oh and by the way fellas, it was all over by the end of '77 early '78. The band's who were there at the start had realised there was money to be made and either become 'boy bands' or moved on in a new direction, albeit with a bit of 'fuck off' attitude.

By mid '78 Joe Strummer was singing about 'turning rebellion into money' refering to The Jam, but The Clash being the biggest culprits of course.

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Re: first "punk" music/track

Unread post by joe » Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:30 pm

Bourneendboy wrote:
Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:32 am
There's no way you can call The Stooges / MC5 punk. Punk is a British music/fashion scene with the first releases coming out towards the end of '76. I'm talking The Sex Pistols, The Clash, X Ray Specs, The Damned, Generation X, Siouxsie and The Banshees ete.

Everyone else just latched on to this, as for America and Punk, that's just bollocks (apart from the Dead Kennedy's).
Of course, everyone copied/ripped off everyone else. The original US punk/garage bands (eg The Seeds) ripped off English Invasion bands such as The Troggs and The Kinks, who had previously ripped off US rockabilly/rock 'n roll artists. The next wave of US punk bands (The Stooges, MC5) influenced Bowie, and the following wave (Modern Lovers, Ramones, Television) were ripped off by the Sex Pistols et al (down to the ripped T-shirt/spiky hair look). I'd say the only 'original' sounds in UK punk were made by the Sex Pistols (and maybe Wire); everything else was just rock 'n roll repackaged.

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