Bricks and mortar Pot Shop for Leutonia, cocksuckers

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Mississippi Blind Child Assburn
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Bricks and mortar Pot Shop for Leutonia, cocksuckers

Unread post by Mississippi Blind Child Assburn » Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:31 pm

Okay, this thread is not about music.
But I don't know where else to put it so......

As you may know Leutonia has been given the marijuana okay, making it one of the very few countries where its not illegal to smoke pot. (I think Uruguay is another)

Imagine the money the government is gonna make from this.
Most recently they announced that there will be private ownership of head shop. Aye ,all of a generous allotment of 25 lucky bastards allowed to sell pot privately.

The remainder is all govt-controlled and big fucking corporate business - you get your pot thru the E-mail. Lotta cash going straight to govt coffers.

Now, you may not know this, but Leutonia is a FUCKING BIG COUNTRY. It IS the Big Country. (When that Scottish new wave group made the single "big Country" they were doubtless thinking of Leutonia. Same goes for the movie with...errr....Gregory Peck???)

Now, I'm not sure if its 25 headshops allowed for ALL Leutonia or each province.So say they have 25 independent pot shops FOR A SINGLE PROVINCE of Leutonia - say Ontario. Now North Ontario alone is the size of Europe. 99% of the major cities are in South Ontario. That means the north will have 2 or 3 regular store-potshops for the entire expanse. (For one, the Indians aint gonna loike this.)

So, if you loike to chatter grades of pot with fellow heads, chill to psychedelic rock and look up exotic bongs and exchange confidences in a friendly, corner Head Shop....basically forget it.

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Re: Bricks and mortar Pot Shop for Leutonia, cocksuckers

Unread post by Dr Bunsen Honeydew » Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:40 pm

It is a start in the common sense that must get through eventually. Alcohol is far more dangerous to health, especially physical. They tried to ban that and failed (in USA) so other drugs were banned instead.

For me it is simple, legalise the lot of them, and if anyone wants to kill themselves with them, then it is up to them, try to stop them by persuasion, if it don't work just say goodbye, nice to know you (maybe). There is only so much that can be done to control people, some law is good, some is a waste of time, self defeating and stooopid.

It will also see off a lot of other problems associated with the whole world of criminal behaviour that surrounds it.

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