The Blind Chile scores VINYL ccccrrrraaaaccckkkk

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The Blind Chile scores VINYL ccccrrrraaaaccckkkk

Unread post by Mississippi Blind Child Assburn » Tue May 15, 2018 1:34 pm

Had a recent run of good catches.
Posted this to two other forums.
Now here:

Got this yesterday:

DANDO SHAFT "AN EVENING WITH..." Orig UK Youngblood label, beautiful lamination

Worth lotta heavy sheckles, Jimmehs.

(Also got:Symphonic Metamorphosis - same, horn rock - will get rid of it

Tom Rapp - Beautiful Lies You Could Live With , got suckered by the beautiful Preraphaelite coverart, music is rubbish - fox Leonard Cohen covers!), will get rid.

Ariel - A Strange Fantastic Dream will get shed of it

Guy Evans (VDGGenerator) - The Long hello Volume 4 a keeper


JEFF STURGES' UNIVERSE very good fusion

MERIT HEMMINGSON - SWEDISH MODERN wot a coincidence! I just mentioned this female hammond organist yesterday in the Prog Gods thread. This is a 1972 compilation of her best period folkprog.

SESSIONS - SAME . Saw Alex Harvey's name on one track but was fooled - this is a 2lp stereo test set (by JBL Company)with only one side of first record being mainly music. Buggeration. There goes a dime.


LOTHAR & HAND PEOPLE - PRESENTING.... early use of electronics in psych. Belongs in same school as United States of America,50 foot Hose and (over-rated) Silver Apples. I dont think much of this lp...but collectable for sure.

BAKER GURVITZ ARMY "ELYSIAN ENCOUNTERS" (long time on me wantlist (even though not rare). Way better than their first lp. Gingah Baker doing some incredible, truely unique drumwork on the first side! (no wurries - no drum solos here)

MOTHERS - BURNT WEENY SANDWICH me fav lp by them. I already had it, but cannot turndown an orig "steambnoat" Reprize copy WITH POSTER.


ACADEMY OF ST-MARTIN IN THE FIELDS four pieces for harmonica including "Romance" by Vaghan-Williams, a recording Ive been looking for ages

David Munrow "music for Henry VIII & Wives" soundtrack . Tragic figure. In his short life he put out something like 50 (!) lps of medieval and period courtyard music.


BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST - ONCE AGAIN minto UK press laminaturd fold-out cover

AUDIENCE - NEW SONGS...OLD SONGS laminaturd UK, slight different versions of their first two lps.

Get down, Jimmehs!

Just got:




PEARLS BEFORE SWINE - USE OF ASHES( Read someone likening this to Nick Drake's "Bryter Layter". No way. Its more along the sound of Tim Buckley.)

MALINCORNE - BALANCOIRE DE FEU (later lp, more electric than acoustic, not too good but I'm missing this one)


For a select-composers-chosen -by-a- classical-music- afficionado 2 lp set, this is not your usual Bach-Beethoven-Brahms collection.

Here we have: Warlock - capriol suite, Holst - st Paul's suite,, Jongen, Halvorsen,Grofe - Mississippi Suite,Gnattelli,Dohnanyi,Kabalevsky and (I guess)the not-often-recorded Gershwin second symphony

Anyone know if this was a SERIES?
(Because I'm pretty sure I have a different one (with same coverart) in the collection somewhere.)


'72 HARDROCK powertrio that makes metaLheads drool. (Deacon doesn't think too much of it though.)
Dick Wagner of the POO-EY group ,Frost on guitar.

Great bass playing. Sounds bit like Led Zeppelin.

Much-wanted lp (especially when you can get the delicate textured black cover minto like this copy).

Even though its not a high-price item, try finding a copy. Last time I seen one in the wild was 20 years ago.

On Nimbus label where early Guess Who came from.


not too good lp, but UK press so I got it. Their "Alchemist" concept lp is killer and beats the pants off "same". Their other lp, "Pause For A Hoarse Horse" is one of the most completely-different-sound lps ever. Here these Brits went total shoite American rural/countryrock sound - blech!

Hey you getdown-Jimmehs!
Today scored an orig-origional Moody Blues "On The Threshold of a Dream". (with the back hole "blue = mono, red = stereo". unfortunately this is a stereo.)

Got Mahogany Rush "Maxzoom" lp. Not on orig Canadian Kotai label, but some funky US label I never heard of. Anyways, pristine condition - and this one is difficult to score un-funked.

Get down Jimmehs!

Get down Jimmehs. Get down!
The MAN is hip to which rather common lps are difficult to find in minto shape. Covers & vinyl like Nucleus or McKenna Mendlesson Mainline - Stink.

But the crown jewel of them all has to be Quicksilver Messanger Service - same. You just never see the black cover of an origional copy free of ringwear.

Yet I scored one today! (Don't particularly care for this group, but for rarity sake, this copy is a keeper.

Jimmehs, in the UK it all started with Korner and Graham Bond. Cool minto Polydor "Special" label copy I have never seen beefwhore. The Deacon does not think much of asswipe blues genre, but this just might be a keeper cos of rarity.

TANGERINE DREAM - ZEIT not orig Ohr, but its an early German-press Virgin, score.

JADE WARRIOR -SAME??? Voiceprint Italy press 2 lp set. Tony Duhig has died so its just Jon Field left. Getting newagey, but, afterall, Warrior was newage beefwhore anyone had coined the sound. The twofer : the lps "Breathing the Sttorm" and "Distant Echoes".

Wow! Wot you say, Jimmeh?
Baggs is really in the groove and truckin' when it comes to scoring rare vinyl.

Wouldn't you say?



large hornrock band with Alexis Korner and members of Hungry Wolf/Ugly Custard (Herbie Flowers - bass, Roger Coulam - keys)

mainly covers, killer version of 'Whole Lotta Love"

cool laminated foc

Haven't checked, but gotta be worth sheckles

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - VOLUNTEERS scratchy copy ,but I got it for next to nothing

DARRYL WAYS' WOLF - NIGHT MUSIC good 2nd lp by Curved Air violinist

LIBRA - WINTER DAY'S NIGHTMARE ( curious story here: Libra's first lp is pure prog but was released in America (with different coverart) on MOTOWN label! I wonder how that went down with the executives - someone musta got fired.

Even so, MOTOWN released this their SECOND lp, albeit here its more funked-up as befits the label. Still , its a rarely seen lp with
cheap discoid-like coverart (as had the first lp) . Very much less prog, but good playing all the same.

BJHARVEST - LIVE their excellent first double live set

ANDWELLA - PEOPLE'S PEOPLE I shat me pantaloons twice today. Both times , as it turns out, for nothing.
This is the same band as did the great first ANDWELLA lp. wOT A CHANGE. nOW THEY SOUND IN PLACES LIKE MY MOST-HATED OF BANDS - tHE bAND! Fox this sharn! No way I'm keeping this.

MYSTIC WOTSIT BANK - SAME my other big dissapointment. I confused this worthless bluesrock band with the first lp by the great popsike band, MYSTIC ASTROLOGICAL BAND!
Four scores this morning:

THE THREE RING CIRCUS "GROOVIN ON THE SUNSHINE" Pretty sure I had this exploito lp ages ago and did not think much of it.
But this copy is mint and still has the shrinkwrap, so I had to take it. Will listen later and see if I made a mistake.
Anyways colourful front cover - but not for them who suffer coulrophobia.

This Guardian article paints a bright picture of this lp:

SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND - FRAMED got this as diecut Vertigo "spaceship". Was delighted - when I got home and checked the collectro - to discover that, although I have some 5 Sensational Alex titles, "Framed" for some reason was absent.

AUM-RESSURECTION rare-enough 1969 bluesrock on a label I never heard of : "Filmore".

Now here is the killer find:

If you take anything at all from The Deacon's recommendations on this forum... then take this:
This lp is Nirvana UK popsike of the highest order. Few know of this lp - they all know the earlier Spencer Davis two or three lps.
This (and "All Round the Mulberry Bush" soundtrack ) was the band's sole venture into psych. After this they went into the shite-rock lp "Gluggo" and others just as bad.

Beautiful minto copy.
I had (very rare???) the german "Dance ...wotsit" lp that was most of "With Their New Face On" but given a different coverart.
Now I have the US origional.


Just pulled these fuzzay:

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - FIRST ALBUM you kno how rare this is? orig with laminated back flaps

Shit music but you will give your left hand for it all the same, youtaste-impoverished Jimmehs

GOLDEN EARRING -7 TEARS their best early lp, unfortunately a german copy - not Dutch orig

KEEF HARTLEY BAND - OVERDOG wow orig foc UK (to replace my non-uk copy)

You clown-Jimmehs aint got nuffink.


Oi Jimmeh!
If you start up a thread titled "Good lp but tacky/suckky coverart" then I will post this there:

FOREVER MORE were a Scots band who appeared in the film, "Permissive".

SAVAGE ROSE - DODEN'S TRIUMF ('72) this is their most progressive lp. The great female singer had left at this point, so the lp is all-instrumental. Picked up a very nice copy this morning. Dammit! Now I have TWO TRADE copies, but I just could not let this pass.

ALEXIS KORNER - A NEW GENERATION OF BLUES hate blues but this guy is where it all started in UK and, more importantly to the greedy collector, this is on the thick French label BYG - as was lots experimental jazz and even Gong.
Perhaps rather unexpected : 3 members of the folk group Pentangle are on this lp.

JANSH & RENBOURN - STEPPING STONES US press (with different coverart) of UK lp "Bert & John"

PURE FOOD AND DRUG ACT -CHOICE CUTS (with Harvey Mandell & Sugarcane Harris, etc)

JEAN LUC PONTY - SUNDAY WALK very early lp from this prodigious artist

JEAN LUC PONTY EXPERIENCE - OPEN STRINGS early release on German MPS, never seen this before

grand funk railroad - same (2nd??) finally a clean copy of their best lp(this lp is always trashed with worn red cover.)


Here are my hits for today, you Huberts:

MANFRED MANN - FIVE FACES OF MANFRED MANN This is the rare US press ( on Ascot label) that is having a different cover and almost completely different selection of tracks!

AMBOY DUKES - JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE MIND rather shoittay lp, but this copy is ex/ex!

AORTA - SAME I like to compare this US group's sound to the Swedish band, Mecki Mark Men (but that is lost on youse, right? Cos all you knows is Stevie Wonder and The Boss.)

SRC-MILESTONES their second lp - more organ and more proggy moves than the great first lp.

YARDBIRDS - FIVE LIVE YARDBIRDS '64 their first lp, copy looks to be orig UK - laminated emitex flipback. I intensely dislike this style of music but occasionally keep something just because its historically important or collectable.

BLODWYN PIG - GETTING TO THIS thier weaker second - and last - lp


JANE - 3 weak third lp but this is a beautiful German Brain foc ( to replace my Canadian Capitol copy)

SHOCKING BLUE - SAME WOW! wot the fark is this??? Never seen before cover - blue cover with black silhouette trees (no band picture), Canadian-only?? "Special" Polydor press. Looks to be VERY early material. tracks I never heard of beefwhore: Rockin' Pneumonia, Whats wrong Bertha, Little Maggie etc.

Gonna look this one up now on Rate Your Music. If anyone can help me out on this lp....

It is just the first Shocking Blue lp.
Where the female vocalist, Mariska, was not in the band.

Now all I need is the fantastically-titled "Third Album" ('71), which is actually their 4th release. (It's third with Mariska.)

Just got:

THE NICE - 5 BRIDGES finally a clean UK press ,pink Charisma scroll

poop-y pop but, as you all should know, this is '67 pre-Gentle Giant and, for that reason alone, highly collectable. Orig with back flaps!


Just got

DEEP PURPLE 'POWERHOUSE" lp on their own Purple label '77
6 tracks:
"Painted Horse" was schedueled for their shit lp, "Who Do We Think We Are?" but left off because of arguements within the group

"Hush" + "Wring that Neck" + "Child in Time" (You know the "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" lp? Well these 3 tracks were the warm-up for the Albert Hall concert and never appeared on the lp.

"Black Night" recorded for the historic "Made in Japan" 2lp set, but never included.

"Cry Free" recorded during the "In Rock" time but never released. Considered for possible single release, but didnt make it.

So wot you fink of that then, you greased-asshole Huberts. You all foaming at the lips wanting this lp, grubby oinks?

Like The Who sing: "You can't have it."

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Re: The Blind Chile scores VINYL ccccrrrraaaaccckkkk

Unread post by Mississippi Blind Child Assburn » Tue May 15, 2018 1:37 pm



Have not exactly scored them yet, but just thought youse should all prepare yersells for , later this morning, bAGGS gets him:


ELECTRIC PRUNES - UNDERGROUND (on orig tri-colour steamboat, suckers!) This, their second lp, is said to be a vast improvement on the first - which was wonky pop-garage with really only 2 good tracks, including their big hit.
After this the external directing forces wanted them to go into the current fad-psych direction and brought in David Axelrod. The group ,mediocre and not much talented at best, felt out-of-water with this direction. The Rock Mass instrumental lp resulted. (Opening track, "Kyeri Elison" was used on tv somewheres - I forget).
Axelrod remained in control for the 4th lp "Release of an Oath"(which moved it into prog territory.) On the 5th lp they were finally "free" of Axelrod's excellent direction and they returned to straight rock-crap. I think they called themselves the NEW Electric Prunes, but I may be wrong.

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Re: The Blind Chile scores VINYL ccccrrrraaaaccckkkk

Unread post by Chunk McDaniel » Tue May 15, 2018 4:32 pm

What no ELO your avin a larrrf mate!

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Re: The Blind Chile scores VINYL ccccrrrraaaaccckkkk

Unread post by Fretless » Tue May 15, 2018 4:55 pm

I wondered where all my old 'Record Collector' mags had got to.

Still - sorry Missy, BORING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: The Blind Chile scores VINYL ccccrrrraaaaccckkkk

Unread post by Mississippi Blind Child Assburn » Wed May 16, 2018 2:32 pm

I just SCORED CRACK this morning!

Who wants to hear?

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Re: The Blind Chile scores VINYL ccccrrrraaaaccckkkk

Unread post by Mississippi Blind Child Assburn » Wed May 16, 2018 5:56 pm

Blind Chile GETS IT ON!:

Brainbox - best of
Jan Akkerman (beefwhore Focus) & Pierre van der Linden ... 9.jpeg.jpg




SRC - TRAVELLERS TALES (gatefold immaculate!)



Blind Chile BAGGS it once again!!

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Re: The Blind Chile scores VINYL ccccrrrraaaaccckkkk

Unread post by Mississippi Blind Child Assburn » Wed May 23, 2018 3:54 am


HARD MEAT - THROUGH THE DOOR '70 UK some good acoustic gyuitar work here

hoelderlin - rare birds THEIR THIRD LP, gERMAN PROG QUITE GOOD

GROUP IMAGE - A MOUTH IN THE CLOUDS ('70 us) completely crazy female vocalist like Grace Slick Jeff Airplane. Small label so worth some sheckles

BEACON STREET UNION - EYES OF... ('69 US, their first lp)

Blind Chile THE MAN!

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Re: The Blind Chile scores VINYL ccccrrrraaaaccckkkk

Unread post by Mississippi Blind Child Assburn » Sat May 26, 2018 3:00 am


TANGERINE DREAM - ELECTRONIC MEDITATION first lp, Ohr orig (but no black balloon - which is totally impossible anyways) You know how much this is worth, Jimmehs? Yer momma has to pedal ass for a month.

KATI KOVACS & LOCOMOTIV GT -SAME HungaRY POPPSYCH beefwhore she became famous

FUNKADELIC - SAME first lp on Westbound.

NICE -SAME first lp orig UK with that ugly brown cover. I never realized that ugly thing was the orig coverart!


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Re: The Blind Chile scores VINYL ccccrrrraaaaccckkkk

Unread post by Hannes-Gregor » Sun May 27, 2018 2:10 pm

For all music junkies, friends of rare records and first pressings: Hans Kesteloo, founder of Music Maniac Label, is selling his real huge collection on I got some records from him and they all were in great shape.

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Re: The Blind Chile scores VINYL ccccrrrraaaaccckkkk

Unread post by Mississippi Blind Child Assburn » Wed May 30, 2018 12:55 pm

Blind Chile gonna score this morning.

Stay tuned.


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