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Re: NVA Bollocks forum folk law

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:14 am
by Dr Bunsen Honeydew
#3 the cable difference haters and trolls. Sad bunch of people who mess up every forum they post on. Again I have been insulted for making different cables and expensive ones (because they cost a lot to make). They call the people who have tried them and see and hear and understand the musical progress between the models in both interconnect and speaker cable ranges fantasists and deluded and believing in fairies and other really stupid insults.

Well the proof is in the pudding but they refuse to taste, they could even join here and borrow, but they don't want their anger tamed, where the anger comes from I don't know but it has in the past nearly crippled forums as happened at Zerogain.

It is largely this bunch of knob heads who create the war between the Objectivist and the Subjectivist. I am sure if we got the cable debate out of the way others would follow. Yes of course there are things that we do need to comment on, real con jobs on this industry, but cable is not one of them. Though beware the companies that use cable as a way to con you and rip you off, they are the commercial companies that give the retailers over 100% mark up as bribes to sell them. This has created a problem, BUT it does not deny the fact that there are such things as better sounding cables, and it is far from always dictated by price.

For me by far the least important is mains cable, differences can be heard but no where near as to the same level as speaker and interconnect cables. The reason should be obvious - mains cable is not carrying the signal.

Re: NVA Bollocks forum folk law

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:29 pm
by Dr Bunsen Honeydew
#4 I am rude to (some) people.

Well this one is partially right. I do not tolerate fools easily, never have done. I love genuine people who create no falsehood, who are just who they are and happy with it. If they are genuine experts in their field great, we have some of them posting here who have given up on the likes of PFM and AoS. Swamped by arseholes who know next to nothing but want to repeat it over and over again, and the people who sadly don't realise they are being fed crap information. Groups and in crowds that develop that just re-enforce each others wrongness. I cannot help calling a fool a fool.

Then there are the people who I have deliberately wound up, who really deserve no better like Marco (how can anyone take this *thing* seriously) and Bev (she who always tells the truth - my arse!), who from a little girl always wanted to play with the boys.

So guilty as charged.

Re: NVA Bollocks forum folk law

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:24 pm
by Lotus Seven S
I would like to say something to #4.

Ask the question: What is in our heads? And if you really look, then I think you will find the only things we have in our heads are what we have heard and seen by and from others. There is almost nothing original - but just things we have copied and borrowed from others, who are doing exactly the same. What comes around goes around. Again and again and again.

We are social animals with social brains.

I no longer watch Hollywood Movies (or any movies come to that) - as I do not wish my brain to be polluted, by dare devil action, gravity defying escapades and fake psychology. And apart from this forum there is only one other I visit (, which if nothing else has a nice and friendly tone. I stay away from Facebook and Twitter. And I will not be corrupted by Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer ETC.

The new poison is MQA - and if we don't watch out we will all be drinking it like Kool-Aid - because the Big Boys will make money from our constant gibbering.

Re: NVA Bollocks forum folk law

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:33 pm
by Dr Bunsen Honeydew
#5 - I disrupt forums. So lets get to the reality, what is disruption IS it telling the truth about this industry, giving undeniable facts. Pointing at incorrect statement and false information and correcting it. That SHOULD NOT be disruptions it should be part of the too and fro of forum communication and a process of learning. We all have something to learn. OR is it that this is disrupting the in-crowds, the owners commercial interest, or the brainwashed fools who will not see reality.

Again the flat earth is at the root of this problem, we were so brainwashed and information corrupted by the magazines and the retailers that for most of you THE EXPERTS were the hi-fi reviewers and the knob heads who worked in Linn / Naim dealers, they took on a hi-fi god like status for most of you. Sadly they ended up believing their own publicity which creates the likes of YWanker, a spotty little knob head who worked in a flat earth dealer in the heyday, so now he thinks everything that comes out of his mouth is gold instead of the dog turds that reality shows. So they get a forum following which to protect his status means he has to put down anything that threatens it.

That is the reality of this so called disruption. Marco hardly talks about hi-fi now, perhaps he has seen that he knows next to nothing at last, but go back into the archives at AoS, he dominated with his Guru status which in reality was a house of cards that I easily blew down, and that is why he calls me disruptive.

It is all about ego, sure I have one, but I know what I know and I have product to back it up, what do they have, Marco has his smut, YWanker has a failed copy Linn chassis making company with Fatpoopy, and a lot of unbacked up nonsense on the web. My message to all of these people, I do not disrupt them they disrupt themselves because they know I can prove what I say, both in collected reviews and bake-offs, which is why they are so scared to challenge me or my products, it is easier for them to ban me and try to isolate me.

Re: NVA Bollocks forum folk law

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:13 pm
by Classicrock
My observation is that apart from yourself other real experts or manufacturers stay clear of forums or have just walked away from the idiots. You are regarded as disruptive because you point out that they are wrong. So we get people that are on an ego trip or just can't admit they are foolish as well as certain dealers pushing product. Note the majority of dealers and almost all manufacturers stay away from forums. The Arkless is a great example of something that nobody will admit is crap to keep face. Perhaps someone who bought one could tell Jez that they have been ripped off and demand a refund? Everyone who has heard it with an open mind in a decent system has heard it's shortcomings yet still there are claims it outperforms much more expensive kit. I proved it was outperformed by something cheaper and not just NVA. Forums should be a source of good advice for the inexperienced not a way of making them waste money to keep certain sellers in business. In the real world Flat Earth is pretty much dead and Linn / Naim have fallen back on overpriced streamers to survive. Eventually most will realise something made in China for a fraction of the price is as good or better. I think the Germans are the worst problem now with so many bling brands commanding millionaire pricing as witnessed by the Munich show. Appears to be an ever greater number of products chasing a smaller and smaller market.

Re: NVA Bollocks forum folk law

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:58 am
by CN211276
A good point about manufactures and real experts staying away from forums. Rega sometimes post on PFM and they came to my defence following my first post when I came under heavy fire for telling the truth about the LP12. The situation seems different internationally where forums are not controlled and dominated by the dying embers of the flat earth. Rob Watts, the Chord designer,is prominent on Head Fi and answers questions from a knowledgeable respective which is not totally commercial. Waswam also have a thread on the new Qutest, but Chord are keeping well away.

Re: NVA Bollocks forum folk law

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:56 am
by Dr Bunsen Honeydew
Remember I have no traditional ways to market, no retailers to recommend me, no magazine reviews or advertising. I just have ebay, forums and word of mouth. *THEY* know this which is why they try to block my access to forums. It is this forum that gives most of my promotion and customer access, again why they try to block this forum as well.

NVA, me, and this forum are censored for a very good commercial reason, as I have been explaining. My way to market and prices are a very real and direct threat to them. Not me and NVA as such as I am small, but the concept if others adopt it, so it must be blocked.