Wonfor v Dunn Bake-off for fun

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Wonfor v Dunn Bake-off for fun

Unread post by Dr Bunsen Honeydew » Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:56 pm

To show it doesn't have to be who won, doesn't have to be conflict or fear like those knob heads at AoS (and other forums and makers) treat it. It can be informative and fun.

Colin and I like the idea of a mutual Bake-off, what we need is a venue, not neutral as there is no conflict in order to create neutrality, just a nice room with space for two systems, and room for a few ears. Hopefully in the South to keep travel time down.

Who will volunteer.

This post qualifies here and in Bake-off thread so I will post it there as well.

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