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NVA Speaker Cables

Unread post by Dr Bunsen Honeydew » Wed May 04, 2016 12:48 am

There still seems to be some confusion about NVA speaker cables so I will make this a sticky thread with the explanation.

All NVA speaker cables are in single runs (not twinned) and are wired with Z 4mm plugs. These two cables should not be tied, taped or twisted together but left to find their own way.

LS2 - is the cheapest and a starter cable. It has been changed recently to a better one I found. It is basically an electrical installation wiring cable off a reel. BUT they are not all the same as this latest one is in a different league to the old one.

Now we come to the REAL NVA cables. These are not taken from a reel like LS2, they are fabricated by using different single solid core cables run in parallel in a sleeving. There are three cable / core types I use in a mix and match effort to create a price point product. The cheapest one which I will call type 1, is a silver coated copper cable of high quality in a polymer sleeve. Type 2 is a lot more expensive but much thinner silver alloy cable in a Gortex sleeve.

So now the cables

LS1 - seven type 1 and one type 2
LS3 - fourteen type 1 and two type 2
LS5 - twenty eight type 1 and four type 2
LS6 - Twenty type 1 and twenty five type 2
TSCS - one hundred type 2 and ten type 1 + silver plated overall Faraday Cage mesh NOT connected to earth.