Current NVA power amplifiers listed and explained

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Current NVA power amplifiers listed and explained

Unread post by Dr Bunsen Honeydew » Tue May 22, 2018 2:14 pm


A100 monoblock £2000.00
A80 mk2 monoblock (pair) £1400.00
A70 mk2 monoblock (pair) £1100.00
A60 mk2 stereo £800.00
A40 mk3 monoblock (pair) £500.00
A30 mk3 stereo £350.00
A20 stereo £200.00

A100 is new, it is built in BMU size box (2), has the same power (in theory) as the A70 and A80 but bigger power supply as usual as you go up the range. Split power supply as A80 but 2 x 500va as opposed to 2 x 160va in A80, apart from that no difference.

A80 mk2 is existing and listed at ebay, explained as above.

A70 mk2 is existing and listed at ebay, single power supply version of A80.

A60 mk2 is existing and listed at ebay. All the above are mono amps, this is a stereo amp. Same case as 70 and 80 but single 220va supply driving both boards.

A40 mk3 is new case about 10% larger all round as the standard A20 case. This is for bigger power supply, so room for 100va. Mono amp.

A30 mk3 as above but a stereo amp.

A20 is existing and as listed at ebay. Daft to say but this is the flagship NVA product. Everyone else calls their top product the flagship, but the most important product for me and the company (not profit) is the flagship. This amp is what NVA is all about, value for music, and I recommend people start with it and trade up, then you will understand us. It is no bullshit, it is no slurp, it is simple, it is simply music - up the range is the icing on the same cake!!! It has been priced almost as a loss leader, as it says what I want to say about hi-fi and music, and it seems EVERYONE outside our customers, potential customers, and this forums members wants to stop me saying it. I wonder why :roll:

Statement power amps are still available but are bespoke custom products. The price on the list is just a reference point. You discuss what you want within the confines of what is possible and what will fit in the case. The same is true for all Statement products. For example different colour cases in available acrylic colours can be ordered. Power supplies can be configured up to silly levels. Balanced mains and DC blockers can be built in and I am seriously considering a wall mount (a la Tesla) battery pack, but that is in the future.

I hope the range will now become stable. The A100 / A40 / A30 are only available at this forum until we revamp the ebay listings.

I will do a similar post in time about pre-amps, phono stages and speakers.

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