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Re: CDP anologue stage

Unread post by _D_S_J_R_ » Sun May 28, 2017 12:21 pm

Maybe it's because the reference CD player above was a Naim, tweaked or otherwise? They really are most odd sounding players and went from gutless in the cheap ones to harsh in the mid-price (still bloody expensive) machines. The CD-S2 with power supply did have something going for it, but there was still a most delightful but 'creamy' colouration to the sound I remember. None of them are strictly 'correct.'

Maybe I'm just lucky with my shit geriatric stuff. I just don't get these kind of massive differences any more, yet I feel I'm getting more out of the music than ever most of the time at 'normal' listening levels.

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Re: CDP anologue stage

Unread post by karatestu » Mon May 29, 2017 8:03 am

Yes, my cdp is a Naim but there is not much of it which has not been modified. I bought it new in 1997 and have not been tempted to buy another - i tend to take a long time to chose products and make sure i get the right one. I then keep things until they are no longer repairable.

I have four independent psu's on it now - dac has a small EI transformer with 3 secondary windings and pfm flea regulators (one for each of its power supply pins), clock is a pfm flea powered tent labs jobbie with its own small EI transformer, anologue stage has an Avondale supplied EI transformer with ALWSR super regs and the digital section has the original toroid all to itself.

It is safe to say that it sounds very little like the stock player.
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