HFS at the WAM show

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Re: HFS at the WAM show

Unread post by Bencat57 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 1:06 pm

Apologies to all that I missed this thread and have only now seen it . I had a room this year at Kegworth it was my second year . I managed to get to see Richard and hear his system and share a bit of the red wine I was drinking on the Saturday night. As always Richard was entertaining and I was happy that I could share a little drink with him.
Sound wise I liked the system but did not know any of the music he was playing and before I could get round to asking for a few tracks other arrived and took over. Saturday night at Kegworth is brilliant but I was about 1and 3/4 bottles of red wine down at this stage so left with the intention of coming back but failed.

My room was originally supposed to be my active system which was LMS Server on Laptop with SBT Clone (Raspberry Pi , HiFi Berry Digi Hat , 7 inch touch screen) which I put together myself straight in to a MiniDSP DDRC24 DSP / Digtal Crossover unit which then acted as Cross Over / DAC and Pre Amp straight in to a pair of Fidelle Modified Quad 405 MK1 power amps connected to a pair of KEF 103 Reference Speakers from 1976 . Power amps were one for each speaker so each amp looked after the treble and bass for either the right or left speaker . Everything on Saturday went great the sound was really good and those that sat and listened seemed to feel I had got the balance about right . Sunday morning however just after breakfast the both power amps blew and the system went silent . As always the offers of help and loan equipment from other Exhibitors was great but not knowing what had made the system go pop I was not chancing anyone elses equipment .

Luckily I has brought an incredily modest Suitcase Challenge system which was a Squeezelite unit (O2 Joggler linux flashed to act like a Squeeze Box Touch) usb out to a Nobsound Class D 50 wat amplifer bought from Amazon for £39.99 then straight to a pair of Goodmans Maxim II speakers. Now in no way is this esoteric hi fi but it did mean I could do what I came for and show off a system. Sound quality was very good and a number of visitors went away shaking there heads at the quality of music this little system produced. I ended up having fun and the best time at any Hi Fi Show ever.

I have already signed up for next year and the original system form this year will be on show if only to keep my promise from this year. Disaster has already struck in that I have blown one of the KEF T52 tweeters which are very rare beasts. However this week I have managed to buy two Tweeters both working so with a little soldering and fettling thsi should be good to go for 2020 . I would encourgae all those who feel they would like to have a room sign up . I know that they are going to open up a further floor with rooms and this will mean we should have over 50 standard rooms to fill and the three (possibly four) large rooms downstairs for those larger than life systems . If you do decide to take a room and have never done it before drop me a line only too happy to help and that means moving equipment when you arrive to get you set up and if you need a lead , router etc then I can help as well.

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Re: HFS at the WAM show

Unread post by _D_S_J_R_ » Tue Jun 11, 2019 2:16 pm

Seems an issue now with vintage kit these days. Some older bods like me remember this stuff as not very old, when in reality we're talking forty odd years old or more.

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