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Re: ATC v AVI v EV bake-off

Unread post by _D_S_J_R_ » Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:01 pm

I do know where you're coming from, but the EV's were designed to sound-support much larger spaces than a domestic living room and on a technical level, will have 'flaws' if used so close-to. The Doc and I discussed it at the time and I apologise for not being able to articulate my thoughts properly. You love them and probably, so would I, but there are compromises listening to them so close to I think but that extra 'rawness' is probably what makes you love them so.

The thing is now, AVI's can be heard and compared at a range of northern dealers, so any of you lot nearby to one can hear for yourselves if Ash was right all these years. Whether my pal near Saffron Walden will ever deal with them again is a moot point (he was stung on a warranty claim first time round) or even Signals here. The DM5 is being marketed at Sound Org in York as a desktop streaming player system for £1280 or so.. Maybe HFW or Stereophile can get hold of some for a proper third-party technical appraisal.

P.S.I may have shoehorned myself into being an apologist for old BBC-derived technology, but if the personal speaker-events to come in the summertime don't pan out, then it's JBL4412's or their decendents for me and have done with it!!!!!!!
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Re: ATC v AVI v EV bake-off

Unread post by Frasernash » Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:51 pm

Lindsayt wrote:DSJR, the DM10's were marketed as better than every passive speaker ever made. The bake-off was done in a very average sized UK living room. When used with the Creek amp, the EV Sentry system cost me £600. The AVI system cost lpv 3 times that amount - c£1800. And the ATC system cost andrewjvt about £4500!

For sure, for most people the Sentries would be too big and too ugly. For people like me, looks and size are far less important than the sound quality for the money.

I don't see any reason why the DM10's should have been compared to Event Opals etc at that bake-off. If any owner of DM10's wishes to do that sort of bake-off they're quite welcome to go ahead and do it.

September's bake-off was an exercise in re-testing the AVI marketing claims (I'd already listened to previous model AVI actives and found them woefully short of the marketing hype) and in seeing what sort of sound quality is possible in an average room for how little money. It was also a test of cherry picked vintage speakers with SET and ultra cheapo solid state amplification and ultra cheapo CD player and cables vs a modern dealer demo type WAF passive system and modern WAF active speakers.
What was the out come did the Sentries smoke the others and were the ATC better than the AVI as the ATC are one of the few speakers that dont have crappy ports

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Re: ATC v AVI v EV bake-off

Unread post by Lindsayt » Fri Feb 24, 2017 3:23 pm

DSJR, no speaker is perfect. The biggest sonic flaw of the Sentry III's is that they have average bass. Bass that was nevertheless better than ATC 11's and at least as good as the DM10's with sub.

Compared to the DM10's "rawness" is not an apt description of the EV's. A better description would be to say that the EV's have better detail resolution, better focus, better clarity, better recreation of the timbre of a grand piano, better delicacy on "delicate" instruments like triangles or mandolins or cymbals, that they have a more dynamic / unfettered / wide-open sound. The DM10's sound smooth. Over smooth. They smooth over everything. If you want a relaxing system, the equivalent of getting in a warm relaxing bath after a hard day at work then the DM10's will appeal. If you want something crisper, and more realistic sounding then the EV's are the speakers to go for.

The EV's do not sound how they look. They do not sound raw and brutish. They do not sound how you may expect. They sound nothing like the way Ashley James (who has never heard them) has described them on his forum.

I do not love my EV Sentry III's. They used to be my 3rd favourite speakers in my house. They're used for watching TV and blu rays. I re-evaluated them last year, and when used with my Korneff clone SET they're now my 2nd or joint 2nd favourite speakers. What they do represent is better sound quality for much less money than DM10's.

There is absolutly no "If" about whether Ash was right all these years. It's hyper bollocks to say that AVI actives sound better than every passive speaker ever made. What you will find is that the AVI's sound better than ATC 11's, which in turn sound better than speakers like B&W CM1's.

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Re: ATC v AVI v EV bake-off

Unread post by Lindsayt » Fri Feb 24, 2017 3:28 pm

Frasernash, I tried to give an honest and accurate assessment of the results of the bake-off, including the size and the nature of the differences, spread over a few posts on this thread on the What Hi-fi forum: ... ake?page=4
Starting with post #67 and then #83 onwards.

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